Best Golf Rangefinder

Best Golf Rangefinder

Golfers are always looking to improve their game. New clubs, new gloves, and anything else to give them an edge.

While the success you have on the course heavily depends on how well you ​get your ​distances.

​It will not only help you swing confidently but also will give you a feeling of satisfaction ​during your rounds.

One of the ways to up your game is to make informed decisions on the course. Rather than pacing out yardage and picking a club, you can use a golf rangefinder to measure the exact distance you need to hit the ball. No more guesswork. ​

​It is an essential product for any serious golfer who wants to hit the target accurately​.

​​Be prepared ​to get ​​embarrassed ​in front of your buddies if you don’t possess a rangefinder and they do. Because they have a very high chance of ​taking accurate shots and surely will make an informed decision against a player who doesn’t have the device.

Are you sure you are willing to take that risk and giving your ​competitor an unfair advantage in the course?

​Our guess is that you are certainly not ​willing to fall in that type of situation!

​So, we ​thought of presenting a guide to our readers about golf rangefinder review ​to help selecting a better device.

​Hopefully, ​it will help ​in your decision at choosing and buying a rangefinder.

​Let’s get started and ​see what are some of the best golf rangefinder of 2019 in the market at present.

Top Golf Rangefinder​ With​​​​ Slope


TecTecTec is a company that specialises in creating optics like golf rangefinders. They create high-quality but affordable rangefinders for rookies and pros alike. The TecTecTec VPRO500S Slope Golf Rangefinder is one of their highest-selling best golf laser rangefinder. It comes in a very stylish shiny black finish along with a variety of extras to make it an even better deal.

We chose this model because it shares many of the deluxe features that the higher-priced models have. However, it has a much shorter effective range than the other higher end models, making your choice ultimately come down to the distances you’re regularly measuring. If the hole is too long, you can’t find the flag.


The TecTecTec VPRO500S Slope Golf Rangefinder is a great addition to any golfer’s arsenal.

This laser rangefinder has an effective range of 540 yards, which covers the majority of courses you will come up against. All you have to do is point it at the target, and pull the trigger. If your target is too far to see easily, you can use the 6x magnification to get a better look.

Once you track the pin-down, the PinSensor technology will lock on so that you don’t accidentally measure the woods behind the green. With the slope function on, you’ll even receive adjusted distances so you know what the shot will play like, rather than just the distance to it. This is amazing for rough terrain and can be the difference between a birdie and par. The VPRO500S is also very accurate, with it being within 1 yard of perfectly accurate for its entire effective range.

It also comes equipped with a trendy and stylish carrying pouch that contains a variety of extras like a complimentary CR2 battery, wrist strap, microfiber cleaning cloth, and a regular manual guide so you don’t hold up the game.

Along with being stylish in black and yellow, the case is also quite sturdy. Being shock resistant allows the case to shelter your range finder from any incoming impact from falls or even from poor weather conditions. However, the case may be weather resistant, but that doesn’t help you when you’re out using it. Fortunately, the rangefinder is made with rainproof materials so that you don’t have to worry about it raining on your parade.

Another great feature of this model of rangefinder is the price, it’s not listed as one of our budget options, but as we mentioned above, it is actually similar to the high-priced models in efficiency and cheaper than comparable models of its own ability.

Along with all these wonderful features, when purchasing this unit, you will also get a 30-day warranty to return it for any reason and on top of that a two-year limited warranty which will protect you from defects or natural damage.

For its price, this model is one of the better performing options of the list. However, it does have some shortcomings. As you will see later on, the 540-yard effective range is dwarfed by some slightly higher priced products. Depending on where you play, this may or may not hinder you. This model also cannot measure speed and requires you to install batteries rather than being rechargeable.


You can’t really go wrong with the TecTecTec VPRO500S Slope Golf Rangefinder. It comes with many deluxe features without the high-end price. With the primary negative being the short range, those who frequent shorter courses would likely have a better time with this rangefinder than others. However, many courses are less than 540 yards, so it’s an option to consider.


  • Great value
  • Accurate to 1 yd
  • 6x magnification
  • Supports slope
  • Pin Sensor technology
  • USGA-legal
  • Weather resistant
  • 2-year warranty


  • Only 540 yds. effective range
  • Can’t measure speeds
  • Non-rechargeable battery



If you couldn’t tell by the name, Precision Pro Golf is a company that specialises in creating golf rangefinders. The NX7 Rangefinder is their most premium product offered. It comes in a cool black and green design with hex-texturing on the outside for grip.

We chose this model because like the VPRO500S, it has many exclusive features without quite reaching the high price range. However, its primary limitation is a very short effective range, making it a niche choice for smaller courses.

Our Opinion

The NX7 model from Precision Pro Golf is a laser rangefinder with many outstanding features. Its effective range is only 400 yards. However, it is accurate ± 1 yard. It includes adaptive slope support, which accounts for the incline or decline of your target and tells you how to play it. This feature can be disabled to make it USGA-legal for tournaments.

It also has pulse vibration to let you know when you’re correctly lined up with the TAG system, and a 6x zoom to find your target from far away.  This way you don’t lock onto the wrong thing and over or undershoot your target.

Unique to this product, Precision Pro Golf offers a complimentary precision care package to sweeten the deal. It includes a 2-year warranty, battery replacement service, trade-in allowances to upgrade to a new model, and more. While these won’t make or break a decision, they certainly don’t hurt.​

Similar to the VPRO500S, this model struggles with its effective range. At only 400 yards, the range is less than some par 5’s you will find on larger golf courses, making it hard for you to get the most out of your product.

The price is also a concern because relative to other options, this model has a much less effective range but is similarly priced to them.

In this context, we have to consider ​that the NX7 has a premium build quality than ​other models listed in the article. You can feel it when you will get the product and hold it in your hand.

​Non rechargeable battery and ​lack of  calculating speed is another drawback of this model. But, as we have already said in the beginning that we are mostly choosing rangefinders that are suitable for ​golf tournaments. So, inability to calculate wind speed will be found in most of our selected golf rangefinder list.


​This product is likely for those who will benefit from the care package they offer, including the free services. This product is very user-friendly, making it a decent option for beginners who are looking to spend a bit more than a budget rangefinder would cost. However, we would recommend that you survey all the options to find out what other choices you have.


  • Accurate up to 1yd
  • TAG targeting system
  • ​6x magnification
  • Supports slope
  • Pin Sensor technology
  • USGA-legal
  • Extra bonuses
  • 2-year warranty


  • ​​​Only 400 yds. effective range
  • Can’t measure speed
  • Non-rechargeable battery
  • Expensive

In the end, the decision of whether or not to buy a rangefinder comes down to your approach to golf. If you play for fun and don’t care too much about your scores, the few hundred dollars may not be worth it to you. If you’re playing seriously and always looking to improve, you absolutely need a rangefinder so that you can learn and improve more quickly. However, there is no negative to using a rangefinder as long as you know how to work it, so players of all levels should at least consider picking up a cheaper model or borrowing someone’s to try it out if they’re unsure.

You could even get one of each, that way you can get precise measurements of a laser golf rangefinder and the bird’s eye view that a GPS golf rangefinder offers. The more information, the better!

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